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World Kindness Day


23 November 2020

As a moment of reflection for World Kindness Day (13 November) we asked our team what small acts of kindness they’d performed recently.  The team at Newton Wood always aim to factor a little kindness into their days.


“I joined the Bromley Food Brigade and helped with essential groceries for families with children whose school meals have been stopped.”


“I noticed that a tile had come loose on the roof of our neighbour who lives opposite us, I took a photo and sowed it to her.  She had it repaired and was grateful for the kindness.”


“My neighbour has been working long hours at our local hospital due to COVID, so I made dinner for him to save him cooking after a long shift.”


“I gave my classmate some valerian herbal tea to help him sleep”


“One of my best friends just went through a breakup and I’ve made a point to text him every day. Even if it’s about something small.”


None of these activities were done as a result of World Kindness Day. They were purely simple acts of kindness which happened recently.  In order for the world to become a better place, each of us can spread a little kindness to others, however small.


If you’re thinking of spreading a little kindness yourself, why not send a friend you’ve not seen for a while a surprise pack of Newton Wood Epsom Salts


Or if you’re looking for inspiration head over to our social media pages:





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