Wake up bright & breezy

Newton Wood | Well-Being

20 March 2020

Last month we looked at how to create a wellbeing ritual in the evening now we’re focusing on how to wake up bright and breezy.  With daylight saving about to brighten our mornings, we’ve looked at ways of helping you feel just as bright and breezy.


Five ways to wake up quickly:

1. Sleep limits

Aim to record how many hours sleep you need to feel good.  Too much or too little can have a real impact on our mental and physical wellbeing.  Once you find the optimum time – stick to it. Your body will thank you for it and it’ll be so much easier to ‘wake up right’.

2. Get moving

First thing in the morning when you get out of bed – get moving! This will help your body wake up and kick into action.  Even if you don’t have much time find a way to get your heart racing – some star jumps, briskly moving up and down the stairs, or a quick 5-minute jog on the spot.

3. Scrub up well

Mix a handful of Epsom salts into your favourite invigorating shower gel.  Allow the salts to dissolve a little and then use the solution to scrub your skin all over.  This will help to kick start your circulation and brush off any dead skin cells and oils from your slumber. In a real hurry? Dissolve a small handful of salts in cool water and splash over your face and wrists for a refreshing quick start.

4. Break-the-fast!

Eat.  It’s important to fuel your body after a long fast throughout the night. Opt for something slow release (low GI foods) like porridge, muesli, eggs, a smoothie, avocado on rye toast or omelette.  Remember to hydrate yourself with a glass of water first thing, this will help wake up your body, mind and senses.

5. Set the tone

Put yourself in a good mood for the rest of the day by listening to your favourite song, writing out a few things that make you happy or that you’re thankful for.  If you’re feeling really inspired, try writing a goal you’d like to achieve that day.

Before you know you’ll be on your way to a great start to the day being able to wake up bright and breezy every day!

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