Time for kick-off!


07 November 2022

The 2022 FIFA World Cup takes place in Qatar this year and the countdown is on! If you’re planning on watching it there’s excitement guaranteed. With 32 countries taking part there’ll be approximately 3 billion viewers tuning in to see the most watched sporting event in the world.


Let’s get moving

You’re probably wondering what the FIFA World Cup has to do with Newton-Wood; surprisingly it’s more than you think. You see, with any major tournament, thousands of people are persuaded to lift their backsides off the sofa and get involved. The problem with that is that lots of those backsides might not have seen the inside of a gym or a football pitch in many a long while.


The next day is likely to bring aches and pains with the odd cramp thrown in for good measure. Well, that’s where Epsom Salt comes in. Taking a bath with Epsom salt can help with pain relief and the soothing of arthritic joints. Even if you don’t feel a bit tender after your run around, Epsom Salt has been great at as a preventative measure as well as a reactive one. Plus it can also help with a plethora of skin conditions – from psoriasis to eczema.


Epsom Salt has been used throughout the generations; you may remember having a bath run for you with a handful of Epsom Salt thrown in for good measure when you were a nipper, but you didn’t have the foggiest how it worked. Experts involved with helping you maintain a healthy body (like physiotherapists) are all in agreement about the importance of using Epsom Salt therapeutically. The science reveals that the salts work by drawing out the excessive fluid round the joints (which cause the discomfort) and it has been a successful British export for the best part of 200 years. The jury is still out as to whether the salts were named for the town where natural deposits of the salts were first found or whether it was so named for the town which was the centre of that export business – I dare say we shall never know.


Tried & trusted

However, like an old friend, it’s comforting to know that this is a product that has been around a long time; there’s even evidence that the Ancient Greeks and Romans used to soak themselves in mineral baths containing Epsom salts. Also, it is harvested rather than synthetically created. After being extracted from the earth, it is then heated until it evaporates into crystals. The crystals are then washed, dried, sorted and packaged.


Does your hectic lifestyle mean that you neglect seldom-seen parts of the body like your feet? In addition to soaking your whole body, you could also use the salts as an exfoliant or as a bath soak just before bedtime. At Newton Wood we have a range of 100% natural and sustainable products that would be perfect for your busy lifestyle; whether it be the travel pack when you are on the move or the organic oils that are perfect as a gift.


And if you’re particularly sensitive or have intolerances to lots of the products on the market, you can rest assured that all our products are free from artificial additives, perfumes and colours. What’s more, given that our products are certified vegan by the Vegetarian society, that means that pampering yourself or your nearest and dearest with our products is also guilt-free.


Enjoy kick-off and Come On England!



Image: Jason Charters, Unsplash

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