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The perfect minimalist gift


17 November 2020

What is the perfect minimalist gift?  With much attention on decluttering, organising and minimising – what do you give to someone who wants to get rid of possessions not collect more?  It can be tricky at the best of times to purchase the perfect gift for someone.  That’s why at Newton Wood we truly believe our Epsom salts make the perfect minimalist gift.


Not only are our Epsom salts beautiful to look at, they’re consumable.  Making them suitable for anyone who practices minimalism or the Kon Mari way of organising.  With unwanted gifts we carry the burden of finding a new home, where they collect dust and clutter valuable storage space.  But that’s not the case with Newton Wood Epsom salts. They’re a practical and luxury gift which can be used in many ways every day.


Benefits of gifting Newton Wood Epsom salts:

  1. They look beautiful on display in a glass jar, or even stored in their stunning packaging.
  2. They can be used up and refilled, which means they’re never just sitting idle in a cupboard.
  3. They make a fantastic addition to your usual shower gel, creating a gentle exfoliation treatment.
  4. They turn your usual bath water into luxuriously soft bath water, to make relaxing that little bit more effective.
  5. They revive your hair from oily roots and dry ends, with the simple addition of some salts in your shampoo.
  6. They condition dry and neglected hair when added to your usual conditioner.
  7. They act as a soothing comfort when added to a foot soak.
  8. They can restore even the most neglected hands when soaked in a basin.
  9. They help reduce inflammation, swelling and discomfort in the joints and muscles. Making them perfect for sports recovery.
  10. They promote deep, quality sleep when used in the evening, thanks to their magnesium rich content.


If you’re looking for the perfect gift, give them Newton Wood Epsom salt.
A little luxury, a little practicality and a lot of satisfaction!


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I’m very pleased with this epsom salt product. Been using it for 3 weeks now. I put it in a hot bath right after my twice weekly boot camp session. Just the thought of relaxing and recuperating in it right after gets me through the sessions!