Our Eco-Friendly Quintessential Jar


15 January 2022

Welcome to the latest addition to the Newton Wood collection; our eco-friendly and sustainable Quintessential jar. Made from crystal clear PET, our jar is light -weight and eco-friendly. Looking after the environment is at the heart of Newton Wood and we are always looking for ways to adapt our products into an eco-friendly lifestyle.


What is the Quintessential Jar?

A crystal clear, lightweight PET jar filled to the brim with a kilogram of our Epsom Salt Crystals and designed to be refilled and reused time and time again. Our beautiful Quintessential jar is the ultimate luxury for any bathroom.


What is PET and what are the benefits?

Used for a range of products such as drinks and toiletries, PET is a 100% recyclable plastic. Chosen by us for our new Quintessential jar as it is known to be safe, strong but light weight and most importantly it can be reused infinitely thus reducing waste and our carbon footprint.

Of course, we want you to refill your Quintessential jars with our Everyday refill however as it is such a versatile material, and made to food grade standards, our jars could also be repurposed for other uses in the home such as to store pulses or beans. To make it as easy as possible for your to reuse your jars, we have even made our labels easy peel so that they are simple to remove leaving you to enjoy your jars however you may wish.

Why not a glass jar?

Health and safety is important to us at Newton Wood.  And knowing that our Epsom Salt is most often used in the bathroom, with wet hands and bare feet, we wanted a material that was safe but also kind to the planet. Our PET jar was the perfect fit; shatterproof, ideal for use in wet environments and designed to be used time and time again.


The Quintessential Newton Wood Experience

Try our new Quintessential jar for yourself whether that’s in a soothing shower or a relaxing bath. Fill your basket with everything you need and receive free delivery when you spend over £12:


Our products are beautifully wrapped and presented making them the ideal gift for friends and family too!




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They’re so easy to use, I chuck them in the bath after a 6 day week of hard, physical work. They relax my arms and legs so much and I find that after every use, I have the best night sleep I’ve had all week.