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Surviving Self-Isolation


07 October 2020

Self-isolation is bound to affect us all at some stage over the winter. After months of lock down the idea can seem pretty dismal.  But it doesn’t have to be. We’ve been thinking about what you can do to stay sane during self-isolation… and our favourite idea was ‘Spa at Home’.  Indulge in your favourite pamper products and treat yourself to a relaxing stay at  home spa day.


Pedicure Pamper

Treat your toes to a moment of soothing bliss.  We’re thinking:

  • A comforting foot soak with Epsom salt and your favourite bubble bath
  • A gentle exfoliating foot scrub with Epsom salt dissolved into your favourite shower gel
  • A soothing foot rub using your favourite body butter
  • Pro Tip: Follow reflexology pressure points massage to feel fully rejuvenated


Crystal Meditation

A meditation with healing crystals can be just what’s needed to reconnect with yourself.  Take a quiet moment to relax your body head to toe while focussing on your breathing.  There are plenty of relaxation apps you can use for a guided meditation. Using your favourite crystal, focus on its colours, shapes, feel and temperature.  This will help you avoid distraction while recharging your energy.


Therapeutic Head Massage

Enjoy a relaxing head massage while conditioning your hair and scalp.  Add Epsom salt crystals to your favourite shampoo (oily hair) or conditioner (dry hair).  Massage thoroughly into your scalp following Indian head massage techniques.  Focus on your breathing the entire time to ensure your body is relaxed and your mind soothed.


Dry Body Brushing

A fantastic natural way to improve circulation, skin condition and overall vitality.  Dry body brushing uses gentle upwards brushing movements all over the body. Best performed first thing in the morning. And the best part is it leaves your skin feeling beautifully soft and smooth.


Healing full body soak

Submerge your entire body into a warm, comforting bath filled with your favourite bath oil and Epsom salt. Spend this time letting go of stress and worries, just allow yourself to be fully in the moment. And once again allow your breathing to take over so you relax and reset.


We hope you enjoy your stay at home spa whether its because of self-isolation or just to have a moment to yourself. If you haven’t already, checkout our Covid-19 self care blog for more tips on looking after yourself during this strange time.


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NB: We recommend you always seek professional advice from a healthcare professional if you are pregnant, breast feeding, taking medication or have any medical conditions before using new products.  Always perform a patch test before using any new products.  If you have a health or wellness concern consult with a healthcare professional in the first instance.

Thank you so much for providing such an amazing product! These incredible and wonderful salts upon the first second of bathing totally immerse oneself into a relaxation heaven and zone off complete let go.
The salts completely, as if by magic, dissolve into the bath and gently yet quickly take away any aches or pains and leave the bather feeling superbly revived and nurtured.
Thank you for providing such an amazing product that I will use every single time! Awesome!