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Surviving Christmas with Newton Wood® Epsom Salt

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28 November 2019

There can be many mixed emotions around the festive period – some of us celebrate with vigour, some don’t.  For some it’s a joyous time, for others it’s filled with sadness and loss.  Whatever your feelings at Christmas, our Epsom salts are a sure-fire way to help you survive the festive period.

Many of us are rushed off our feet, juggling work, gift shopping, food shopping, usual chores, visiting friends and family, maintaining a healthy diet, exercise and fighting off colds, flu and winter viruses. Phew, that’s tiring just to read.  Our solution?  An Epsom salt soak.

Sprinkle a generous amount (no less than 250 grams) of our super-premium Newton Wood® Epsom salt into your bath.  And as you swirl the crystals, watch them dissolve and think of nothing but peace, quiet and relaxation.  It really is the most simple but effective indulgent treat this Winter and adds a touch of mindful magic to those cold, achy evenings.

Perhaps you’re just feeling the effects of winter on your skin?  Central heating set to high, biting cold winds, it’s no wonder our skin takes a downfall.  But do not fear… you guessed it… Epsom salts are here to save our skin.  Take a handful of the crystals, partially dissolved into equal measure of your favourite shower gel, and get scrubbing.  Using circular motions, buff your skin all over.  Not only does this remove dead skin cells and leave the skin glowing, it encourages circulation which naturally boosts health and vitality – it’s a win win!

Our face is the most exposed part of our body in winter, and it sure does pay to look after the skin in this area.  An effective treatment to replenish your skin is to melt beautiful Newton Wood® crystals into warm water until they’re entirely dissolved.  Then use the solution to cleanse your skin, removing dirt and impurities and leaving you positively radiant and glowing.

Maybe you’ve partied hard or shopped till you literally dropped, onto the sofa, feet throbbing. We’ve all been there.  What do we do at Newton Wood® to recover quickly?  We soak our feet in warm silky water, a solution of 250g of our Epsom salts and warm water.  Sounds good?  It’s our favourite way to use the crystals and is the ultimate treat in the Winter, without the guilt of overindulgence. Don’t just take our word for it – give it a go!

And do you know what the best part is?  It’s entirely natural.  Our Newton Wood® Epsom salts are 100% as nature created them – no chemicals, no additives, no parabens, no preservatives.  Just pure and simple MgSO4, magnesium sulphate.  So, you can be confident what you’re using is not only good for you and your skin, it’s organic, cruelty free and vegan. Are you thinking what we’re thinking?… It’s the most amazing present!

Newton Wood® Epsom salts are so versatile they’re a fantastic present for the person who has everything, or someone you don’t know too well but picked for Secret Santa.  Everyone can benefit from an Epsom salt bath, scrub or cleanse and knowing they’re vegan and 100% natural means they’re likely to be used (and loved) by the recipient.

Shop now to survive the festive period and give the gift of relaxation and revitalisation this Christmas.

Thank you so much for providing such an amazing product! These incredible and wonderful salts upon the first second of bathing totally immerse oneself into a relaxation heaven and zone off complete let go.
The salts completely, as if by magic, dissolve into the bath and gently yet quickly take away any aches or pains and leave the bather feeling superbly revived and nurtured.
Thank you for providing such an amazing product that I will use every single time! Awesome!