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Staying cool in a heatwave


23 July 2021

With Summer in full swing we can sometimes feel a little overwhelmed with the heat.  So, in our blog this month we’re looking at staying cool in a heatwave.


Refreshing Herbal Teas

Drinking herbal teas can be a great way to boost antioxidants, aid digestion and reduce anxiety. But when it’s hot outside sometimes a hot drink just isn’t what we want.  So instead why not cold brew your tea by infusing in water in the fridge overnight. The result is a light and refreshing tea to help cool you down on the hottest of days.


Cooling foot soak

A quick and soothing way to tolerate a heatwave is to soak your feet in a cooling footbath.  Add some Newton Wood Epsom salt and why not make it a sensory treat by adding one or two of the following:

  • sliced cucumbers
  • fresh rose petals from the garden
  • sliced oranges, lemons, limes or grapefruit
  • crushed mint leaves
  • Aromatherapy bath oil


Planning ahead

If you’re looking to make the most of the weather check the temperatures before you head out.  Plan your day so that you can seek shade and hydration at the hottest points of the day. Pop your drinks into a freezer the night before you leave to keep them cooler in the heat the next day.



Opt for outfits which are made of lightweight cotton, linen or silk.  This will help your skin breathe and regulate your body temperature.  The same goes for your bed sheets in the Summer.  The material can make a big difference in how your body copes with the heat.


Fans at home

If you have access to a fan try positioning this at your window or door.  This helps to circulate fresh air into the room from outside. Keeping your curtains and blinds closed also helps stop the heat from coming into your home.


Freezer Friend

Pop a slightly damp face cloth in the freezer to help you cool down during the day and at night.  Some people even pop their pillow case in the freezer to enjoy a cool head for bedtime.


Healthy ice-lollies

While conventional ice creams and lollies are tasty, they’re often packed with added sugar.  Instead you could try making a smoothie, juice or infusion at home with fresh fruit and freezing these into moulds to make tasty ice pops.  For the adults, frozen herbal tea lollies are refreshing and delicious, why not try raspberries, lime and mint for a mojito style treat.

Anxiety and heat

People who experience anxiety can sometimes feel worse when it’s very hot. Finding ways to stay cool while out and about can help minimise the anxiety symptoms. We hope some of the tips above can help you keep your anxiety at bay when the heatwaves hit.


What are your tips for staying cool in a heatwave?  Let us know on our social media:




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