Staycation with Newton Wood


25 August 2020

With holidays abroad out of the question, a traditional British staycation is coming to the rescue.  If your holiday usually involves pampering and spa treatments a staycation may seem a little disappointing at first, but there is a solution…  Epsom salt! We’re not talking about just any Epsom salt though – we’re talking about our super luxury, highest quality, Newton Wood Epsom salt.

Why not indulge yourself in a relaxing spa staycation to beat the Covid holiday blues? Whether you’re staying at home or heading to the British seaside, we have a pack that’s perfect for your needs.  And what’s better is you’ll feel even more rested and relaxed thanks to these beautiful Epsom salt crystals.

Our Home & Away packs have the best of both worlds – you’ll receive a beautifully packaged tube of Newton Wood crystals to enjoy at home. Plus you’ll receive two Essential packs to enjoy when you’re on your travels.

Why Newton Wood for your staycation spa day?

  • You can be confident you’re receiving the highest quality Epsom salt
  • They’re completely natural 100% Magnesium Sulphate
  • There’s absolutely NO additives, preservatives or nasties
  • They’re beautiful on show in your bathroom
  • They boost quality sleep
  • They condition and nourish the skin leaving you glowing and pampered
  • They’re great for sun burn
  • They’re versatile for use in the bath or shower
  • They can be dissolved in water for a natural cleanser or face wash
  • They can be added to your regular shampoo, shower gel or conditioner
  • They’re fab for aches, pains and long energetic days
  • They soften the skin on the feet and hands
  • They’re perfect for all the family – although they’re so good you may want to hide them to use just for yourself
  • They also make a great gift to treat a loved one too!

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NB: We recommend you always seek professional advice from a healthcare professional if you are pregnant, breast feeding, taking medication or have any medical conditions before using new products.  Always perform a patch test before using any new products.  If you have a health or wellness concern consult with a healthcare professional in the first instance. 

After a long day at work, I always look forward to having a bath, but Newton Wood’s crystals have really been a game changer! Would absolutely recommend, I’ve never looked back. Thank you Newton Wood!