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Spring Clean Your Life!

Newton Wood | Well-Being

05 March 2020

We love finding new ways of using our Epsom salt and as March is the month of Spring what better time to spring clean your life with a little help from our beautiful crystals.


A great starting point for spring cleaning is to think about what makes you happy.  And what stops you from feeling that happiness. By identifying what gets in the way of making you happy, you can find ways to eliminate them as much as possible.


Five tips to spring clean your life to a happier healthier you:


  1. Sleep

What’s stopping you from getting enough good quality sleep? Sleep is important to make us feel happy and healthy.  When you spring clean your room take a moment to spring clean your sleep routine too. Incorporating a relaxing Epsom Salt soak can be just the ticket for better quality sleep.


  1. Work

How do you feel about your work life?  We spend a lot of time at work so it’s important we check-in to see how we’re doing. Are you going in the direction you want. By refocussing on what we want to achieve, we can be clearer on what we need to do or change to get there.  Whatever you’re doing work wise, treat yourself to a restorative hand and foot soak.  Ease symptoms of RSI (repetitive strain injury) and aching feet with a simple 20-minute soak – it could be all the head space you need to figure out what’s next for you at work.


  1. Relationships

Are your relationships healthy and happy?  Setting boundaries is very important and a great way to spring-clean relationships.  But it’s also important to work on our relationship with ourselves, to stay emotionally balanced and happy.  Take a look at all your relationships and identify where you may need to work on your communication or spend some quality time together – even if that’s with yourself.  We believe there’s nothing better than an Epsom salt bath soak or shower scrub to spend some quality me time alone.


  1. Diet

Are you eating well?  Does what you eat make you feel healthy and content?  It’s important to eat a balanced colourful diet but it’s also good to have a little of what we love.  Bad eating habits are easy to make and difficult to break. Spring clean your eating and see how much better you feel.  As much as we love Epsom salt in our hair and skincare regimes, we’re huge advocates for lowering your salt intake in food to be healthier in the long run.


  1. Finances

Is your money working for you?  Now is a great time to spring clean your finances. Whether you shop around for competitive rates and deals or seek advice from a financial adviser, reviewing your spending and saving is a great way to spring clean your life… and as you revive your finances, take the strain from your brain and revive your body and mind with a restoring Epsom salt hair soak!


We know it can sound a bit cheesy but having a spring clean of all areas of your life really can lead to a happier and healthier you.  And who knew our Epsom salt could find its way ‘naturally’ into so many areas of your life?


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