Scratch Stars – an evening to remember!


21 July 2019

Aysha and Shannon had a fantastic evening at the Scratch Stars Party 2019!  Presented by the wonderful Rylan Clark-Neal, it was an evening of celebration in recognition of the incredible talent in the nail industry.  Congratulations to all the Scratch Stars, both award winners and nominees alike, as the competition was exceptionally high this year!  We look forward to seeing more from this fantastic industry in the forthcoming year.

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These Epsom salts are the best I have used so far. I live with a long-term health condition Fibromyalgia and prefer natural drug free ways to relieve pain and exhaustion whenever I can. Works well alongside my medication. The chronic pain and fatigue can be debilitating especially after facilitating a cookery workshop. A soak in these salts helps to soothe away aches and pains and provides a great sense of relaxation and wellness for me and takes the edge away from exhaustion and intense burning pain. Even a simple foot soak does the job and makes my feet feel as light as feathers. This means I can still function a little as opposed to being flat on my back with pain and exhaustion. Packaged beautifully these glistening crystals are a true asset in my self-care holistic routine. Highly recommend these salts.