“I’ve been using Epsom Salt all my adult life but these crystals are something really special”

Gaby S, London SW15 UK  23/7/2019


The crystals are lovely to use!  The visual and textural qualities really enhance the product experience.

Julie, London EC3  UK 15/7/2019


Thank you so much for providing such an amazing product! These incredible and wonderful salts upon the first second of bathing totally immerse oneself into a relaxation heaven and zone off complete let go.

The salts completely, as if by magic, dissolve into the bath and gently yet quickly take away any aches or pains and leave the bather feeling superbly revived and nurtured.

Thank you for providing such an amazing product that I will use every single time! Awesome!

N Osborn, Essex UK 18/6/2019


I’ve enjoyed using my Epsom Salts in the bath after having the flu they really helped ease my aches & pains. Love the packaging too would definitely buy again & recommend to others.

Claire, Scotland 18/6/2019


I was recently given these crystals as a gift and was instantly drawn to the wellbeing benefits and the stylish packaging. I have found the crystals to be great! I have been using them for a few weeks now, I have noticed that I feel more energised after a long day at work and it’s also helped restore tired muscles after my exercise sessions.

Sabrina, 15/06/2019


I love the many benefits of these Epsom Salts by Newton Wood. I’ve found that my sleep is a lot deeper and uninterrupted as well as softer skin and hair, stronger nails and less bloating in the stomach. I also really love the colours on the packaging.

Helen, 07/06/2019


Aysha explained the advantages of using this product in great detail.
Arrived in smart packaging ! These salts were amazing . Does the job well. I felt refreshed after a hot bath. The salts keep my skin lovely and soft with no dryness at all. Going to order more!

Sam, 27/05/2019


“The product arrived as promised, packaged and boxed beautifully”

S. Ford, Devon UK  6/5/2019


“I’m very pleased with this epsom salt product.  Been using it for 3 weeks now.  I put it in a hot bath right after my twice weekly boot camp session.  Just the thought of relaxing and recuperating in it right after gets me through the sessions!”

J Webb, S.Yorks UK  20/4/2019


“Delivered on time, looks fabulous! I bought it as a gift for my friend and she loved it”

M Forwell, Cheshire UK   29/3/2019