The 21st Century beauty and wellbeing brand with a long, long history.

People have known about the therapeutic benefits of Epsom salt for over 400 years. For most of that time, though, it’s generally been simply added to bathwater, and sold as a basic, mass-market commodity product in unlovely plastic bags.

In 2018, we changed all that. From the outset, we conceived Newton Wood® as a true luxury brand with a broad range of applications, suitable for use as part of a regular health, beauty and wellbeing ritual. They can be used in the shower as well as the bath to help soothe tired muscles and joints and cleanse and rejuvenate the skin.

Reimagined, not just repackaged.

We created Newton Wood in response to growing consumer concerns around additives, artificial chemicals, toxins and non-sustainable materials in conventional beauty products.

Our crystals are the purest form of Epsom salt ever brought to market. A 100% natural, organic, vegan product, Newton Wood crystals are entirely free from artificial colours, perfumes, anti-caking agents, SLES, microplastics and other additives.

All our packaging, which is designed in the UK, is made using recycled materials and is itself fully recyclable. Our 1kg refill bags allow customers to retain and reuse the beautiful outer tube, or decant the crystals into their own decorative container.

A sense of occasion

Consumers have repeatedly asked us for fragranced Newton Wood crystals. Our new, organic Bath & Body Oils allow users to add as much fragrance as they wish, and us to keep our crystals completely natural and additive free. The oils can also be massaged into the skin after showering or bathing. They’re available in 10ml ‘miniatures’, containing enough oil for one strong bath, and 100ml packs for regular use; both are made from fully recyclable glass.

A great retail opportunity

While we’ve marketed Newton Wood successfully online, we’ve always aspired to work with carefully selected, discerning retail partners. With the addition of our new Bath & Body Oils, we’ve created a complete retail offer that meets expressed consumer demands, and builds on our proven health, wellbeing and sustainability proposition.

You can view our current range, and read more about the benefits, on our consumer website.

Our Products

The crystals are lovely to use! The visual and textural qualities really enhance the product experience.