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Random Acts of Kindness


18 February 2021

There are many delights for February, Pancake Day, Valentine’s Day, a short month, brighter days.  But perhaps one that is overlooked is Random Acts of Kindness day on 17 February.  At a time when many of us are struggling with anxiety, stress and illness those small gestures of kindness really can be life changing. So, we’ve decided to share some ideas for random acts of kindness to inspire and ignite a domino effect of kindness in our lives.



It’s very difficult not to return a smile.  And when we think of those who aren’t able to return a smile we can try to remember how much they must be suffering inside.  A simple smile at passers-by or the people in the supermarket can lead to a chain of shared smiles.



Why not send a loved one or dear friend a surprise in the post.  We can recommend a fabulous range of Epsom Salts to send them…. But in all seriousness Epsom Salts do make a thoughtful gift for those who are struggling with stress, anxiety or sleep troubles during lockdown.  Plus they’re suitable for all the family so everyone can feel the benefits.


Door drop hampers

Much like the Halloween trend of “booing” (give it a google!) why not leave a hamper of goodies on someone’s doorstep to make their day. And, if they’re able to, offer them an invite to do the same for someone else.  Little gestures go a long way when we’re confined to our home in this strange time.


Dine-in to dine-out

As we’re unable to dine-out why not treat someone to dine-in one evening.  Either prepare them a homemade meal and drop it off. Or why not order their favourite meal to be delivered to their home. A night off from cooking and doing the dishes has never been more appealing than now.


Give thanks

A simple offering of thanks to those who are important to us is a powerful way to boost their spirits and yours.  Kindness doesn’t have to cost anything.  Dropping a note through their door, sending a text or even sharing in person to the worker at the checkout or the postman or bin man.  A genuine ‘thank you’ is all it takes to make someone’s day.



Why not offer to cut someone’s grass or trim their hedge as a gesture of kindness.  Perhaps it’s an elderly neighbour, or new parent’s with their hand’s full.  Ticking off a chore for someone – whatever it is – can provide a huge relief to them and give you a huge boost of happiness.


Boredom to Subscription

It’s been almost a year of restriction and lockdown.  We’ve exhausted every book, puzzle, tv show, recipe, craft project you name it, we’ve all done it.  So for those in your circle who are feeling restless and struggling with boredom why not send a subscription to a new activity.  There are lots out there from baking, cooking, chocolate tasting, arts and crafts, knitting and so much more.  There’s something for everyone and they can boost morale and happiness for all ages.


Brunch in Bed

Why not send a delicious breakfast box, brunch box or afternoon tea box to someone who really deserves it.  With so many catering companies offering this service locally it makes a wonderful weekend treat to surprise and delight your loved ones.


We hope our list of Random Acts of Kindness has brought some much needed inspiration and a smile to you and your nearest and dearest.  Let us know how you get on!

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