Scratch Magazine: Questions About Pedicures

Why are pedicures so important?

Pedicures help to keep the feet in good health. It’s important to keep the skin soft and healthy to avoid any infections or other problems. Especially for people who stand or walk long periods of time the pedicure helps the feet to recover faster. It is also a beneficial treatment for athletes and runners. The scrub and massage are great for increasing circulation and helping the blood flow in the feet. The exfoliation removes the dead skin cells keeping the hard skin away, which can otherwise be uncomfortable or painful.

Having your feet checked on a regular basis also helps to avoid any potential future problems. Your therapist will be able to recognise any infections, ingrown nails or cracks in the skin. Keeping the skin well hydrated and soft makes the feet look nice and aesthetically pleasing for any open toe sandals. Pedicure also has therapeutic affects for the body. Relaxing foot massage helps the mind to calm down and the body to relax.

Why should salons/professionals offer pedicure treatments?

Pedicure remains one of the most popular beauty treatments. Done correctly your clients will enjoy the treatments, feel the benefits and come back on a regular basis. Its a great way to get returning clients, who are more likely to also purchase other treatments or products. Pedicure is a treatment that also gives you a great opportunity for add on sales. Products are a great way to add more value to your treatment. Recommend moisturisers, oils, Epsom salt crystals and exfoliators for home care.

What pedicure trends have you noticed?

As with all beauty and skincare products there is a trend to move over to natural ingredients. The consumer nowadays is reading the product labels and are fairly educated about different materials used. Natural beauty -and skincare market is one of the fastest growing areas in personal care. Many companies are focusing on product development and moving completely over to the use of natural ingredients.

Newton Wood® Epsom salt crystals are high grade and natural without any additional toxic materials or caking agents. We believe this approach will give the consumer the best therapeutic effects. Using environmentally friendly ingredients is important to us and our packing is also biodegradable.

Talk us through your suggested pedicure with your product range… What is the process?

Start your pedicure with a proper long soak for the feet. Use Newton Wood® Epsom salt crystals to create a luxurious, healing and therapeutic foot soak. You can add vegetable oils, essential oils or dry herbs or flowers, for example rose, lavender or marigold, in the water to create a natural fragrance. Essential oils are great for their antiviral and anti-fungal properties, the oils are good for hydration. Soaking the feet softens the skin and nails which are the easier to treat. Create a exfoliating scrub with vegetable oil, essential oils and Epsom salt crystals and scrub the feet and the lower leg properly after the soak. Use a pumice stone for hard skin removal.

Dry the feet and legs thoroughly and clip the nails if needed. Use a nail file to tidy any uneven surfaces. Create a massage oil with vegetable oil and essential oils for therapeutic and stimulating massage. Massage the feet and calves properly giving the client some time to relax. Moisturise the feet and apply any nail varnish requested by your client. Give your client a few moments for the feet and varnish to dry before sending them home.

What are your tips for creating a premium pedicure treatment?

Use high quality ingredients, like Newton Wood® Epsom salt crystals in your treatment. Mask and any heat treatment will make the pedicure more luxurious. Use hot mitts to remove and products that need it and hot booties for the mask.

Make sure you have enough time dedicated for the massage of the feet and legs. This is usually the part of the treatment your client will enjoy the most. Newton Wood® is currently developing a range of gorgeous oils which are perfect for body and foot massages. A beautifully scented product always brings a touch of luxury to any treatment. Allocate enough time for the routine so it is not rushed and use natural ingredients where possible.

What are the benefits of using soaks within a service?

Newton Wood® Epsom salt crystals are a natural mineral also known as magnesium sulphate. Foot soak is a therapeutic treatment for the feet and can work as an antiviral or anti fungal treatment. Magnesium sulphate can help the feet to recover after a long day of standing or walking. The Epsom salt crystal soak is soothing for the feet and helps to soften the skin and nails. It is also relaxing to the whole body and can reduce swelling and pain on feet.

What are your top aftercare tips?

Make sure to keep your feet well hydrated between treatments. This will help to avoid hard skin growth and keeps the skin in good condition. Make sure your feet get plenty of air and are properly dry after shower or bath. Any moisture may create an environment for infections in the feet. You may also use an exfoliator once or twice a week, especially if you have a long gap between your treatments.

How can salons market their pedicure services?

Salons can market their pedicure services by creating different type of treatment packages. Express quick treatment for busy people as well as luxurious long treatments for those who want to pamper themselves. Pedicures also make a great gift idea so offering gift vouchers is always a winner. Creating course packages for regular clients encourages return customers and is a great way of keeping the existing clients in your salon.

Educating people and any new clients of the benefits of pedicure is also important. It helps the client to understand why they would want to book a pedicure. You can also offer a mini treatment as a taster for clients who are using other services.