Pine Essential Oil Benefits


20 December 2021

Pine essential oil is synonymous with a festive wintery time of year.  But beyond that it has wonderful healing properties.  Pine is found all over the world and is a very versatile and hardy plant.  It’s known for its uplifting, energising and cleansing properties.


What are the benefits of pine essential oil?


Stress relief

Pine essential oil helps to ease feelings and emotions associated with stress. It also helps with mental exhaustion, tension and has a calming impact on the body.


Aches and Pains

Pine has anti-inflammatory properties and therefore helps the body recover from aches and pains.


Coughs and breathing

Pine is great for helping to remove catarrh from the lungs which make it’s a useful oil for coughs and colds.  It can also be a helpful component for hay fever and infections.



When something is antimicrobial it’s useful for killing micro-organisms and mites.



Many people use pine because of its wonderful fragrance but it is also known to neutralise and freshen stale air.



How can you use pine essential oil?

We’ve included pine essential oil in our new Restore Bath & Body oil. Rosemary, Pine and Lavender has been used to restore serenity and wellbeing after a stressful day.  It’s also a very grounding and clarifying blend which makes it a great way to start the day too.

Pine can also be used in homemade cleaning materials, diffusers, room fragrances and candles.


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NB: We recommend consulting a healthcare practitioner before using new products if you are pregnant, breast feeding, taking medication or have any medical conditions. Always perform a patch test before using new products.  If you have a health concern consult your healthcare practitioner in the first instance.

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