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Patrick Holford endorses Newton Wood Epsom Salt crystals


10 July 2019

Patrick Holford, founder of The Institute of Optimum Nutrition, is a British author and entrepreneur who is an advocate of alternative nutrition and diet methods, he appears regularly on television and radio in the UK and abroad. He has 36 books in print in 29 languages.

We are delighted to hear that Patrick will be using Newton Wood products during his series of Total Health Transformation Retreats at his Fforest Barn Retreat in Wales.

Here are a few testimonials from an event last month:

Lovely skin-feel. Very relaxing and simple to use.
Joan, Ireland

Excellent product, felt totally relaxed, refreshed and re-charged for the day!!
George, Essex

Really relaxing, very good.
Lyn C

Lovely product, very relaxing.
Jodie, Hampshire

Soft on the skin and quick to dissolve.
Audrey H

I felt super-relaxed after a hot bath with these Epsom Salts and I will definitely be using them again.
Frances, London

I used the Epsom Slat in the hot tub. I felt relaxed and my skin felt silky smooth.
Terry W, Reading

One of the best quality salts I have experienced.
DB, Manchester

I used Epsom Salt in a hot bath and as a hand scrub. Good for exfoliating. Definitely use again.
Tina B

You may view Patrick’s website here >

The product arrived as promised, packaged and boxed beautifully