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Our Story So Far

Consumers worldwide have known about the therapeutic properties of Epsom salt for many years but, throughout that time, due to its limited functionality, it has largely been used for simply dosing into bathwater.

In 2018 all that changed.

To mark the 400th Anniversary of the discovery of Epsom salt the Newton Wood® brand was launched onto the UK market. Visitors to The International Professional Beauty Show in London Excel marvelled at our unique crystals that dissolve optimally in warm water enabling them to be used for so many additional applications as this website will explain. Listings of our 1kg “Classic ” tube [for thoughtful gifting] in west end stores and beauty salons quickly followed.

In response to customer requests we developed a refill pack containing 1 kg of our beautiful crystals packed into 100% biodegradable bags and, only recently, a line of organic bath & body oils was born following requests for fragranced crystals.

More recently we have launched our eco-friendly “Quintessential” jar: a crystal clear PET food grade jar, that would grace any bathroom setting, containing 1kg of our unique crystals enabling it to be refilled time and again from our 100% biodegradable “Everyday” refill bag. Both front and back labels are “easy peel” enabling additional jars  to be used however you wish for example to store beans, pulses etc…

Newton Wood: the go-to brand for health and wellbeing for you and our planet.

Watch this space for further highly imaginative ideas…..


We've been using Epsom Salt all our adult lives but these crystals are something really special.