Oily hair a problem?


17 August 2020

Is oily hair a problem for you?  Whether your hair has always been oily or has just recently become an issue, it’s inconvenient and at times embarrassing.  So, we thought we’d spend some time looking at how to overcome this frustrating hair problem and of course how our luxury Epsom salts can help too.

What causes oily hair?

  • Stress – it’s been a tough year and our usual worries have been amplified by Covid-19. Stress and worry can have a real impact on our hair. Just as some people experience oily skin and spots on their face, some people get oily hair as a by-product of stress.
  • Hormones – if you are at a point in your life where your hormones are changing or again if you’ve been stressed or worried, this can all play havoc with our hair. If you suspect your oily hair is a result of a hormonal imbalance consult your doctor for further advice.
  • Product build-up – with the range of products available it’s easy to get carried away using too many products on our hair. This can upset the natural balance of oil on the scalp. Having a build-up of product can also make it more difficult to effectively clean your hair and scalp.
  • Pollution – if you live in a busy city environment the increased pollution can cause disruption to your skin and hair. Again it’s important to effectively cleanse the hair and scalp to rid yourself of pollution.
  • Diet – if your diet has increased in fatty or fast foods this can have an impact on the levels of oil in your hair too, in the same way it can with your skin. Nourishing your hair, skin and nails with nutrient rich foods and supplements can have a great impact.


How to deep cleanse your hair and scalp

With oily hair it’s vital to ensure the scalp is cleansed just as thoroughly as the hair. With our modern busy lives, we are all sometimes guilty of rushing the process.  But to get lightweight, clean hair a careful deep cleanse can be just the trick, here’s how:

  • Purchase a shampoo for deep cleanse or oily scalp
  • Dissolve a generous amount of Newton Wood Epsom salts into your shampoo
  • Apply the mixture to your head taking care to massage deep into the roots and scalp
  • Leave the mixture on for 5 minutes
  • Massage the mixture into the hair again
  • Rinse thoroughly ensuring you clear the shampoo from the roots

Now often people will stop here, but with oily hair we recommend a double cleanse. The first shampoo should remove dead skin cells, product build up and pollution.  The second cleanse can then be more effective at clearing the scalp of excess oil and sebum. Just repeat the steps above again and ensure a very thorough rinse.

Even if you don’t get oily hair that often, it’s still great to apply a deep cleanse to your hair once in a while to remove build-up, pollution and dead skin.  If your hair tends to be dryer just add the salts to your conditioner instead of your shampoo.


Using conditioner with oily hair

If you have greasy hair you may be put off using conditioners and serums, but if you ensure these are applied sparingly, to the ends of your hair only, you should be fine to use these products.


Heat styling – a blessing and a curse

Modern life has seen us rely heavily on heat styling for our hair. Whether we want poker straight hair or voluminous curly locks, our heat styling products give us freedom and flexibility.  However, adding heat to your styling regime can cause your hair to get oily more quickly.  This is because the heat encourages the oil to ‘melt’ and spread more quickly along your hair strands.

If oily hair is a problem for you, why not get creative with styling, using curling products to shape your hair while drying naturally without extreme heats. Not only will this prevent oily hair it will also lessen the chance of split ends and damage to the hair.


Why use Newton Wood Epsom salts for your hair?

By purchasing our 100% natural Epsom salts you’ll be safe in the knowledge you’re using the highest quality, top grade Epsom salt for your deep cleanse.  This means your hair will be replenished with even more volume after washing.  And as our only ingredient is 100% magnesium sulphate, it’s a great natural way to boost the health and vitality of your hair, scalp and overall wellbeing. Shop our range by clicking here.


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NB: We recommend you always seek professional advice from a healthcare professional if you are pregnant, breast feeding, taking medication or have any medical conditions before using new products.  Always perform a patch test before using any new products.  If you have a health or wellness concern consult with a healthcare professional in the first instance. 


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