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Newton Wood Well-being Webinar: Part 2 – Your Holistic Afternoon Routine

Newton Wood | Well-Being

29 June 2020

We are delighted to release Episode 2 in our Newton Wood Well-being Webinar Series; Your Afternoon Routine. Along with our lovely co-hosts to Julie Stewart from Julie Stewart Nutrition and Shirley Blanch from Get Mindful we have put together some amazing self care tips covering everything from mindfulness, nutrition and skincare that you can start doing literally from today. The best part is all our tips are super easy to do, even when you’re on the move.

The middle of our day is often the most hectic, chaotic time. No matter what we are doing we are in full swing by 12-3pm. Whether you are at work and inundated by emails and “to-do’s” by this time or perhaps you are just finishing your weekly shop or coming out of the gym either way we expect our bodies to keep pushing through until the end of the day, often with very little time to break. So, in this episode of our Wellbeing Series we have put together our top tips that can be done wherever you are, whatever you are doing so you can start feeling the benefit of holistic self-care not just at the beginning/ end of the day, but in between too.

Coupled with the guidance from our first episode, you can add these tips to your holistic self care routine to ensure that you are looking after your body, mind and spirit throughout each day. Our final episode, Your Evening Routine, will complete your wellbeing routine by offering ways in which to relax, restore and recharge before bed so that you enjoy a restful sleep and have a clear mind to start the following day with your morning self-care routine.

Our third and final episode: Your Evening Routine will be available on our website from 28th July 2020.

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