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New mums: “For the day you’ve just had” Epsom salt and post-natal recovery

Mothers and Baby

18 April 2019

Newton Wood Epsom Salt Crystals* are designed “for the day you’ve just had” to help you relax, rejuvenate and restore not only your body but also your mind so that you are ready to do it all again tomorrow.

In this post we are focussing on new Mums and the days you’ve just had.

Whether you’re a first time Mum or have just had your second, third, fourth or fifth child we’re sure you would all agree that no two days are the same, especially in those first weeks, following the birth of your child. Each day differs not only in terms of what you’re doing but also how you’re feeling; it is a complete whirlwind physically, mentally and emotionally as you adjust to life with your new born. Some days you feel overjoyed, full of elation and have visitor after visitor popping in for cuddles with baby. Other days you feel overwhelmed, frustrated, completely exhausted and as if getting a balance is never going to happen.

Whilst we do our best to prepare for our new lives as mothers, no amount of forward planning will prepare you for those days when you’re running on two hours sleep, have bleary eyes but yet can see the ever expanding, and often overflowing, laundry basket as clear as day, looking at the hoover wishing there was an automatic function, trying to ignore it all and focus on baby who seems to be on non- stop cry, feed, change repeat mode without pause for breath, or a snooze, and then eventually noticing it’s 5pm and you’ve not eaten all day. Sounds like most days, right? Well the good news is, as all mothers will tell you, you get through those days and we eventually all find our own coping mechanisms, our own routines and we all adjust to our motherhood in our own way but, and it’s a BIG but…. in those early days, weeks and months it is so important to take care of yourself as well as your baby. We know it seems like that is the last thing you will have time to do but having even the shortest of times in those first months to relax and rejuvenate are absolutely key not only to you physically, to help with your postnatal recovery, but also emotionally and mentally.

It is absolutely vital that you are as healthy as can be for your baby and that involves taking some time for you to re-coop; whether it be half an hour, once or twice a week, when your partner gets home of an evening or once fortnight when family come to visit. We have all heard of the phrase “me time” and we know when becoming a new mother it seems like a fragment of your imagination, a distant memory, a luxury that you previously took for granted and yes, admittedly, your “me time” isn’t quite the same, and to say it’s greatly reduced is a huge understatement, but it is so important to grab whatever fraction of time you can and make it part of your routine.

Taking a bath has long been a proven method for relaxation not only of the body but of the mind as well. As a new mother, taking a bath as regularly as possible with Newton Wood Epsom Salt Crystals* will help rejuvenate and restore you ready for the next day with your new born. Our crystals benefit your body and mind but also have qualities which specifically help new mums post-natal:



Keeping bacteria to an absolute minimum is important for any new mother, but particularly so, if you have had stitches, dissolvable or not, following any tearing during birth or an episiotomy. Ensuring the wound is kept clean and free from infection is absolutely paramount to your post-natal recovery. Bathing your wounds is recommended by the NHS and adding our crystals to your bath further minimise the risk of infection due to their organic, 100% natural and antibacterial properties.


Healing and soothing

For every new mother, regardless of your delivery, whether you had stitches or not, whether your labour lasted days or hours, we all experience with some degree of pain and discomfort following childbirth. Our bodies have just done something miraculous and incredible and they aren’t going to let us forget it for a while. There’s a whole catalogue of ways that our bodies can remind us of what it did to get our babies into the world from haemorrhoids to perineal swelling and the sooner we can get rid of these, not so gentle reminders, and enjoy our bundles of joy, the better. Our Epsom Salt Crystals* help contribute towards a quicker postnatal recovery as they have healing qualities. Not only will our crystals soothe your wounds but they can also reduce the itchiness of stitches as well as haemorrhoids.



During vaginal delivery, inevitably our perineal area becomes sore and swollen, and you may have had an episiotomy as well. Following a caesarean you will, of course, have stitches which will be sore and painful too. Our Epsom Salt Crystals* are a natural muscle relaxant and consequently have anti-inflammatory qualities which can greatly reduce inflammation of these ultra-sensitive areas. Furthermore, our crystals are 100% natural which is vital for sensitive skin.


Sitz or Bath?

We say BOTH!

Sitz baths are an age old method but they work a treat! Used along with Newton Wood Epsom Salt Crystals* they cleanse your perineum, reduce inflammation, soothe, heal… basically all of the above. They effectively allow you to have a mini bath either in the tub or whilst sitting on the toilet. As they don’t involve running a full bath, you can have them more regularly and are advised particularly after excreting to soothe, cleanse and heal your perineal area as well as haemorrhoids. Although finding time to yourself is a challenge with a new born, one thing that your baby cannot interrupt is the (more regular than ever) call from Mother Nature; you still have to go to the toilet! Therefore, having a quick sitz bath after using the toilet is far easier to incorporate into your, ever changing, daily routine. They are super convenient and designed for quick and regular use but, whilst they work wonders for your body physically, they don’t come close to restoring you mentally and emotionally; that’s where the bath comes in! Absolutely nothing beats it- there really is nothing better! So, as we said above, whenever you can even if it is only once a fortnight have some well-deserved “me time.” Take yourself off to the bathroom (with some earphones if baby is kindly providing some “atmospheric” music), run yourself a nice long bath, add 1kg of Newton Wood Epsom Salt Crystals* if you feel like the chance of getting this “me time” may be an annual occurrence, or 250g if you’re lucky enough to have a soak a few times a week, close your eyes and …… relax!


*Please consult your GP if you are pregnant or breastfeeding

I’m very pleased with this epsom salt product. Been using it for 3 weeks now. I put it in a hot bath right after my twice weekly boot camp session. Just the thought of relaxing and recuperating in it right after gets me through the sessions!