Natural Skincare


05 January 2021

Natural skincare has become a hot topic in recent years.  We’re more aware of the quality of ingredients and how they impact our health.  At Newton Wood we believe in using quality natural skincare products.  So, we thought we’d share our thoughts on natural skincare tips and advice.


Understanding your skin

The skin is the biggest organ we have so taking care of it is important.  The skin is porous, meaning it will absorb whatever we apply to it.  That’s why it’s vital we use good quality products, because it will enter our body.

If your skin is experiencing problems, it could be linked to the products you’ve used.  It’s worth looking out for the ingredients in your products.  And being sure to avoid anything with harsh chemicals or allergens.



Feed your skin

Eating a diet rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants is great for the skin.  They support the healthy functioning of the skin which also boosts the appearance. That’s right, you can eat your way to glowing skin!  Here are just some of the foods you can eat to nourish your skin:

  • Nuts & Seeds
  • Colourful veggies – bell peppers, leafy greens, sweet potatoes, broccoli, etc
  • Fruits – berries, tomatoes, papaya, avocado, pomegranate
  • Dark chocolate
  • Fish
  • Green Tea
  • Red wine




There are a range of supplements which can help boost your vitamin and mineral intake.  But it’s always best to try and absorb these from food sources if you can. It’s also a good idea to check the recommended daily allowance for supplements to ensure you’re not taking too much.



Design your own skincare

Getting creative with your skincare can be really rewarding – especially when you’ve made a bespoke product for your specific skincare needs.  Newton Wood Epsom salt is a great ingredient for DIY skincare because of its many uses (scrubs, cleansers, rinses, soaks).

You can use many of the natural ingredients you have at home to make your own skincare.  From eggs and avocado to sugar and coffee.  If it’s good enough to eat it’s good enough for your skin. Coconut oil is another fabulous versatile ingredient which can be used as a cleanser or moisturiser.



We’d love to hear your tips for natural skincare – get in touch with us on Facebook or Instagram.



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