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Mandarin Essential Oil Benefits


22 November 2021

The origins of mandarin

Mandarin is a bright orange citrus fruit with a sweet and floral, citrus aroma. Mandarin originally came from the Far East but came to Europe in the 1800s and now mainly produced in Mediterranean countries.


What is mandarin essential oil good for?

Mandarin is beneficial for a variety of common complaints and ailments. 



Great for toning the skin and beneficial for oily and acne prone skin thanks to its astringent characteristics.  Also used to help prevent stretch marks during pregnancy and after losing weight!



Mandarin has been known to aid digestion as it encourages the movement of food through the gut and has also been known to help constipation. This makes it a great evening body oil or bath soak to enable its digestive action.


Wellbeing and Stress Relief

Very well known for easing stress and anxiety Mandarin has a very relaxing action on the emotions and mind.  It can be used for all ages, including children, to bring a settled, calm feeling.


Water Retention

When applied to the body it can help to boost circulation, reduce water retention and congested joints.



Because mandarin is very low in toxicity it is safe to use with children.  It has a very calming affect which has been found helpful for children with hyperactivity.  Thanks to its soothing impact, it’s great for restless behaviour in children. And it’s particularly useful in the evening or during stressful moments.


How to use Mandarin Essential Oil

Mandarin Essential Oil is used in our Revitalise Bath & Body Oil.  Add to your bath with a generous amount of Epsom salt.  Or apply directly to the skin in circular motions, massaging all over the body.  Enjoy beautifully rejuvenated skin and a calm, relaxed outlook.



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NB: We recommend consulting a healthcare practitioner before using new products if you are pregnant, breast feeding, taking medication or have any medical conditions. Always perform a patch test before using new products.  If you have a health concern consult your healthcare practitioner in the first instance.

I have muscular pains and soaking in these Epsom salts relaxes and eases the pain.