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Improving Circulation


26 February 2021

Improving circulation can lead to a whole host of health benefits.  There are many ways to get the blood pumping and you’ll no doubt instantly feel the goodness that follows.  So we’ve been exploring ways to help boost circulation and why that’s important.


Benefits to improving circulation

  • Improves appearance and health of the skin, hair and nails
  • Enables the organs to get a good supply of oxygen and nutrients to remain healthy
  • Helps support your body’s natural defences and immune system so you stay well and healthy
  • Helps remove the waste products from your organs so your body is operating at its best
  • Keeps your energy levels sustained so you avoid feeling tired and unfocussed
  • Boosts your memory and brain function
  • Keeps your sexual organs functioning well
  • Supports effective healings from cuts, bruises ad sores
  • Avoids your extremities becoming cold and uncomfortable


Ways of improving circulation

Get moving

A great way to get the blood pumping and your circulation booming is to get moving.  If you’re not a fan of running or aerobics a brisk walk will be just as good, if not better.  If you walk at a pace which allows you to get a little out of breath, you’ll start to feel your circulation improving already.  Brisk walking is a great way to exercise and stay fit because it doesn’t put as much strain on your joints and muscles as running and jumping.




A gentle swim is wonderfully relaxing but if you’re looking to get your circulation pumping it’s a good idea to pick up the pace. As with walking, aim to get your heart rate up by swimming at a pace which makes you a little out of breath.  You will probably notice you start to feel warmer and your cheeks should become rosy. This is all the blood pumping to the surface of your skin.




A hot Newton Wood Epsom salt bath is a fantastic way to help boost circulation.  It has a double action impact because not only will the hot water will help boost your circulation but the Magnesium in our Epsom Salt will work wonders too.



Stretch it out

There are many yoga poses which can help boost the flow of blood in your body.  What’s great about yoga is there are many poses which are low impact and therefore make it a great way to move your body without the strain to your joints.  There are many routines ranging from Beginner to Advanced so you’ll be able to find the best set for you.



A cup of “aaahhh”

An antioxidant packed cup of tea can be just the ticket for giving your circulation a wakeup call*.  Herbal teas such as hawthorn, green tea, ginkgo, olive leaf and bilberry have been used by many to help boost blood flow and circulation.




Not just a pretty smell.  Aromatherapy has many benefits including the ability to help boost circulation*. Essential oils such as cypress, ginger, black pepper, eucalyptus, juniper and neroli.


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*Always check with your healthcare practitioner before using herbal remedies or aromatherapy.  These can interfere with medications and illnesses and therefore need specialist supervision to be taken safely and effectively.

This article is written for information and entertainment only and does not constitute as medical advice. Please ensure you consult with a healthcare practitioner before making any changes to your lifestyle which may impact your healthcare and medical needs.

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