‘Feel younger as you grow older’

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02 October 2019

Julie Stewart, professional nutritionist, has combined her background in the pharmaceutical profession and her passion for nutritional science, to create her brand Julie Stewart Nutrition.

Committed to helping her clients feel “younger as they grow older”, Julie focusses on creating optimal conditions for our bodies to perform at their best. Diet is at the pinnacle of Julie’s work, making sure we eat the correct nutrients for our bodies, but she is also a strong advocate of holistic approaches to health and wellbeing. Julie champions the use of other natural remedies to compliment diet and lifestyle in helping the body to active homeostasis (optimal health).

She has recently written a blog on the therapeutic benefits of Epsom Salt and why she recommends Newton Wood® crystals to her clients. Her studies reaffirm the findings of many others which prove that magnesium (Epsom Salt) is essential to our body’s performance, and that we are all suffering from a magnesium deficiency. She prioritises the role magnesium can play in regulating our “circadian rhythm” (our natural sleep/wake cycle) as she highlights it’s increasing importance in today’s society, in which we are all suffering from chronic lack of energy and sleep. As she says: “we are all borrowing energy on credit from tomorrow to pay for today.”

Increasing our magnesium intake could help boost our energy levels and thus general health and wellbeing, not to mention quality of life. However, for many of us, it isn’t a case of just topping up our natural magnesium levels, but rather a case of clearing our deficit and building our levels up from scratch. Magnesium deficiency is a widespread problem for people across the world. Having low magnesium level can not only affect over 300 reactions within our body, but can pose serious threats to our health due to its association with high blood pressure, anxiety, muscle cramps and even heart problems.

Recognising the urgency to replenish the magnesium so many of us have used without re-stocking, Julie details multiple ways in which to do it. She encourages eating food naturally rich in magnesium such as spinach, kale and chickpeas, using magnesium supplements, and incorporating Epsom Salt into your daily self-care regime. She highlights the unique benefit of Epsom salt in that it allows magnesium to be absorbed trans-dermally through the skin, which can be more effective than oral digestion, as there are fewer limitations than absorption through the gut. Furthermore, Epsom Salt will not only boost your magnesium levels, but will also soothe your muscles and calm your senses, helping to relieve anxiety caused by stress, all of which are equally important for a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Julie specifically recommends Newton Wood® as our products are 100% natural and organic as well as vegan. She encourages daily use of our crystals to help boost magnesium levels by adding our crystals to your daily cleanser, mixing with your shower gel to create an organic exfoliator or hair cleanser and when you take a break from the rush of everyday life, treating yourself to a long, soak adding our crystals, candles and some essential oils.

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The crystals are lovely to use! The visual and textural qualities really enhance the product experience.