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Do you know how to relax?


10 November 2020


We often hear people talking about the importance of relaxing, but do you know how to relax?  At Newton Wood relaxation is at the core of what we do.  And we love that our Epsom salts are one of the best ways to relax.  But what other ways are there?



Probably the most obvious techniques for relaxation.  But breathing can also cause the opposite of relaxation too.  So it’s pretty important to get it right. We love the many techniques available for relaxed breathing.  Slow, deep breathing is a great way to start this practice.  Give it a go by breathing in slowly.  Be sure not to inflate your shoulders – instead your tummy should expand.  Hold your breath and then very slowly release through your mouth, relaxing your muscles as you do.



Even a typical morning stretch can be effective at helping us feel relaxed.  Slowly stretch out your arms, legs and back to feel more at peace. You can gently stretch your neck to release tension too.  For more advanced stretching look to Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi classes.



A great way to relax is to detach from technology and what’s happening around you.  Pick up an intriguing read and escape the world as you get lost in a literary fantasy.  Reading is also a great way to help you shut down your mind before bed.



Whether it’s a podcast or your favourite album, listening is a great way to switch off.  With just your ears needed, you’re able to close your eyes, lay down and let your mind drift away with the sounds.



An age old technique of relaxation.  Meditation is a wonderful way to relax your mind and body.  Use a guided meditation to help you get started.  Enjoy the tranquillity this wonderful exercise can bring.



Whether it’s a bath, shower or foot soak.  Water has the power to instantly calm our senses. Help your body and mind relax by taking a mindful bath, shower or foot soak.  Mindfulness is great for getting the most out of every day tasks.



Use your sense of smell to reconnect with yourself and relax.  Some essential oils are well known for helping to relax including lavender, chamomile, bergamot, mandarin, ylang ylang, neroli, rose, clary sage and lemon balm (melissa).



Taking time to enjoy your favourite hobby is a great way to relax and unwind.  Whether it’s baking, swimming, knitting or sports.  Taking time to do the things you love can really help improve your sense of relaxation.


We hope you’re feeling inspired to relax.  Visit our blog on ‘Creating a wellbeing ritual’ for more ideas on how to relax.  And don’t forget our social media pages are always sharing ideas on how to relax and improve wellbeing:



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