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Creating a wellbeing ritual

Newton Wood | Well-Being

24 February 2020

Creating a wellbeing ritual can be all it takes to improve your mental and physical health.  Whatever time of day a simple wellbeing ritual can help you feel energised for the day ahead or relaxed and restored for a night of rest.

At Newton Wood we are big fans of wellness activities.  In our eyes, creating the perfect wellbeing ritual just wouldn’t be the same without some Epsom salts.


Here’s our suggestion for an evening wellbeing ritual:

Check-in with yourself

Take a moment to think about or write down what’s on your mind and how you’re feeling.  This can quieten your mind chatter enabling you to be present in the moment.


Being thankful

Note down 3-5 things (or more if you’re feeling really positive) that make you feel happy, thankful or lucky.  Just doing this small activity everyday can rewire your brain to see the good in all things.


Tense and relax

Without realising we can build up and carry tension all over our body.  Sit or lay comfortably for a few moments and take note of every part of your body.  Pay attention to your jaw, forehead, shoulders, tummy and thighs – this is where we carry the most tension.  Tense up each muscle and release to let go of any tension being held.


Mood lighting

Light your favourite candles or switch on some warm glow fairy lights and allow yourself to be truly in the moment enjoying the gentle lighting.


Soak into bliss

Run yourself a soothing and replenishing bath.  Remember to add a generous scoop of Newton Wood Epsom salts, allowing them to dissolve completely.  And soak for at least 20 minutes with a good book, some music or a podcast.


Scrub away your worries

Make the most of your Newton Wood Epsom salts and partially dissolve a generous handful into your favourite shower gel and use as a body scrub to shed dead skin cells, increase circulation and feel soft and rejuvenated.


Moisturising massage

Treat your revitalised skin, after an Epsom salt bath and/or scrub, to some added softness by massaging body oil into your muscles. This will leave the skin feeling unbelievably soft and silky.


Meditate yourself to sleep

Whether it’s a podcast guided meditation or some gentle breathing exercises, meditate yourself into a serene slumber for the ultimate finale to your wellness ritual.


The most important part…REPEAT!

Take time for yourself as much as you can to create a balanced and healthy wellbeing.


Our Instagram page is always overflowing with ideas on wellbeing and selfcare – check it out for more inspiration @NewtonWoodEpsomSalt.  We’d love you to share photos of your wellbeing rituals too – tag us in your posts!

And remember we’re always there for the day you’ve just had’.

I tried Newton Wood Epsom Salt in my shower and honestly it's been about a year since I've woken up and not been sore from exercising the day before! Incredible! Regardless, if you love a shower or a bath, I cannot recommend them enough!!