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Covid-19 Self-care

Newton Wood | Well-Being

26 March 2020

Covid-19 has affected so many of us, not just physically but mentally too.  Some of our own team members are in the vulnerable person category and others experience anxiety.  And we know there are many others just like us out there.  So, we’ve decided to share (from a distance, we’re working from home!) our own self-care activities with you…

“Every evening I soak my hands with an Epsom salt soak. With the excessive hand washing and constant use of hand gel, it’s helped soothe and replenish the skin on my hands.”


“I’m minimising the amount of news I watch each day and keeping myself busy with working from home.  I find staying in touch with friends really helpful, just to feel some normality in speaking with each other.  And being able to video call my family is something I truly am thankful for, now more than ever.”


“Sticking to my usual sleep pattern and keeping a routine has been a lifesaver.  While I brush my teeth, I dissolve some Newton Wood crystals in a small bowl with my shower gel, this acts as a really therapeutic way to clean my skin and wake up my mind, setting me up for a great day. Oh and no TV until the evening and only shows/films I enjoy.”


“I found myself sitting in the garden this morning, soaking the sun into my face. Then went on my own to the park next door which was so nice. I just walked around on my own. When I came back, I made a ‘TikTok’ because I’ve seen all my younger cousins and siblings doing this – it’s taking a video of you singing or dancing to different songs, made myself laugh. And now I’m about to eat and start reading my book on teaching and learning about Autism.”


“I’ve been feeling more anxious in recent times.  Breathing mindfully really works for me – breathe in for 5, hold for 5, breathe out for 5 (repeat).  The other day I felt panicky and fearful, so I ran a hot Epsom salt bath, added a homemade blend of aromatherapy bath oil (including clary sage for anxiety, orange for immunity, bergamot for anxiety and lavender for calming), and soaked continuing my 5-count breathing. I paid attention to the warmth of the water and the beautiful fragrance of the oils.  I used the time to close my eyes and meditate enjoying the safety and comfort at that time. I’ve felt so much better since my healing bath.  I recommend it to anyone feeling overwhelmed right now.  Something so simple made such a difference to me, I hope it works for you too.”


“I love to garden, so I’m enjoying more time in my garden.  Taking the moment to be mindful while I’m there really helps.  Listening to the birds singing, the leaves rustling, and the smell of the fresh air.  And when I’m done I look forward to a gentle hand scrub to keep my hands fresh and clean – I used a spoonful of Epsom salt mixed into my usual hand wash, and massage all over my hands.  Instead of simply rinsing off I then soak my hands in a bowl of hot water. It is a wonderful treat to look forward to.”


“My ultimate self-care tip is relaxing in a hot bath with my favourite bubble bath and of course my Newton Wood Epsom Salt crystals. I use this time to switch off, have a break from my phone, relax and unwind. I sometimes play calming, soothing music to help create a holistic, soothing atmosphere and I always having my favourite candle burning.”


“As many of us are working and staying at home, a few minutes can be spent chanting.  I use chanting to ground myself, cleanse and balance my chakras, positively increase the vibrations in my body, and to cope with fears, pressures and worries in life.  At this time it’s been really helpful for releasing negative emotions and creating a positive mindset.”


“I know I’m not the only one when I say my hands are so dry and chapped.  Every night I’ve been using my favourite hand cream so it has time to soak in, without me washing my hands five minutes later.  But if you’re out of hand cream even some coconut oil, vegetable oil or olive oil can be useful in treating the skin. Hang in there everyone!”


We’re still processing deliveries so if you or someone you know needs cheering up, some TLC or just a relaxing bath take a look at Newton Wood Epsom salts.


And most importantly – Stay safe. Stay well. Stay home.


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I’m very pleased with this epsom salt product. Been using it for 3 weeks now. I put it in a hot bath right after my twice weekly boot camp session. Just the thought of relaxing and recuperating in it right after gets me through the sessions!