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Clary Sage Essential Oil Benefits


15 November 2021


Clary sage essential oil is known for having a herbaceous bitter-sweet smell.  The fragrance is has a rich quality and tends to linger for some time.  It has been used in perfumes and for its medicinal properties throughout history.  Clary Sage comes from the Mediterranean.  It is related to the common sage plant.


What are the benefits of Clary Sage Essential Oil?


Muscles & Joints

Clary sage has been known to help the body relax as well as relieving pain.  As such the muscles can feel eased of tension and discomfort.  Leaving your body feeling soothed and restored.


Women’s Health

Clary sage is often associated with women’s health.  It can be helpful for easing painful periods and labour pains.  Also associated with helping absent or light periods.  And has been used for generations to treat anxiety and hot flushes during the menopause.



Stress can play a big part in affecting our libido.  By introducing a little clary sage it can help to ease the stress and tension which can lead to impotence and sexual anxiety.


Mind & Emotions

Thanks to its soothing and relaxing properties, clary sage can help instil a sense of calm and wellbeing. It’s also been used to boost vitality and aid in recovery from illness.  Some also use clary sage to lift feelings of depression and low mood.


Blood Pressure

Clary sage has been known to reduce high blood pressure, especially when it has been caused by a stressful lifestyle.  It has a wonderful ability to calm and restore the senses leaving you feeling relaxed and at ease.



How to use Clary Sage Essential Oil

We have included clary sage essential oil in our Relax Bath & Body Oil.  This means you can add it to your regular Newton Wood Epsom Salt bath for a relaxing, soothing soak.  Or if you prefer to shower, apply the oil over your body.  This will soothe the skin and offer the same healing benefits as a soak.


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NB: We recommend consulting a healthcare practitioner before using new products if you are pregnant, breast feeding, taking medication or have any medical conditions. Always perform a patch test before using new products.  If you have a health concern consult your healthcare practitioner in the first instance.

I’m very pleased with this epsom salt product. Been using it for 3 weeks now. I put it in a hot bath right after my twice weekly boot camp session. Just the thought of relaxing and recuperating in it right after gets me through the sessions!