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Celebrating National Vegetarian Week 13-19 May 2019

Newton Wood

01 May 2019

National Vegetarian Week is a UK-wide festival of plant-based living and all things green, growing and wholesome. It’s an event close to the heart of our founder, Leslie Wilson, who’s been a member of the Vegetarian Society for over 15 years.

The organisers have created a list of ‘50 veggie things’ for people to try out during May. Here at Newton Wood®, we’ve opted for number 27, which means the whole team will be sitting down to a vegetarian bring-and-share lunch, which we’re already looking forward to immensely! You can view the whole list and choose your own ‘veggie thing’ here.

Natural partners

Newton Wood® Epsom salt crystals are a perfect fit with the vegetarian lifestyle (although please note you’re not supposed to eat them!) All our products are 100% natural and organic; they contain no artificial chemicals, perfumes, colours, anti-caking agents or other additives, they’re made using a traditional mechanical process, and we absolutely do not test them on animals. We’ve also designed our packaging to have the smallest possible environmental footprint, using recycled, recyclable and sustainable materials, right down to the ink used in the printing process.

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To mark National Vegetarian Week, we’re offering you an exclusive 10% off your first purchase of our Home & Away package. Comprising a 1kg pack of Newton Wood® crystals to keep in the bathroom at home, plus two 250g packs to take with you whether you’re travelling for work or pleasure, it makes it easy to enjoy a soothing soak or boost to your hair and skincare regime wherever you are. To use this discount please use the discount code vegsoc10 at checkout when purchasing. The voucher is valid between the dates of 1st May – 31st May.

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We’re also offering you the chance to win a set of 52 standard 1kg packs of Newton Wood® crystals – enough for a year’s worth of relaxing baths after work or exercise. To enter, click here

Just had a lovely Sunday soak in the salts. My skin feels lovely and soft. Would totally recommend.