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Mix our Epsom Salt crystals with your regular face wash or preferred shower gel to create an effective, natural exfoliator. The uniquely smooth texture of Newton Wood crystals provides a gentle alternative for unclogging pores and removing dead skin cells.

Our crystals are 100% natural and fragrance free; suitable for sensitive skin.  They can also provide relief from certain skin conditions like Eczema and Psoriasis.

For the best results, mix equal amounts of Newton Wood crystals and your regular shower gel or face wash, ensuring the crystals are partially dissolved. Gently massage into your skin using circular motions.

Alternatively, our crystals alone can be applied directly onto the skin. Just dampen the crystals in your hand, and massage gently into the skin, rinse thoroughly with cool water and pat dry.*

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My home and away pack arrived in beautiful environmentally-friendly packaging including this wooden spoon and bright orange tissue paper! I bought the salts as a treat to myself and my goodness, they made me feel brand new!! All I did was sprinkle them into the bath and lay there for 20-30 minutes. All pain was removed from my feet and legs and I got the best night’s sleep ever. HIGHLY recommend!