Building on the popularity of our organic chemical free Epsom salt crystals, Anu Jarvinen, our aromatherapist, has now developed a range of organic aromatherapy bath & body oils in both 10ml bottles (to be packed within our 1Kg bio-degradable tubes) and 100ml bottles to be sold separately.

This unique approach to “value added” Epsom salt provides you with the flexibility to choose your own dosage level for your bath or foot soak or the option to take a regular bath and massage the oil into the skin afterwards whilst maintaining your chemical-free, entirely natural health & beauty regime.


for that “get up and go” in the morning
Sunflower seed oil / Rose Geranium / Ylang Ylang / Cardamom


for that post exercise and for the day you’ve just had!
Sunflower seed oil / Lavender / Rose / Fennel


for that Spa experience
Sunflower seed oil / Frangipani Absolute / Gurjun Balsam / Ylang Ylang

Our future plans include a range of organic medicinal aromatherapy oils specifically with pedicure in mind.

We will update you as soon as the relevant registrations are through.