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Back to school routines


01 September 2020

Back to school – It’ll be here before we know it! And whether you feel relieved or anxious about your kids returning to school we’ve got some tips to help make it that little bit smoother.

So, what can you do to make the return to school a calmer experience?

  1. Relaxing bath time before bed
  2. Full body relaxation and meditation before bed
  3. Meal times and treats
  4. Prep for the next morning
  5. Consistency is key


  1. Relaxing bath time before bed

Setting an enjoyable and relaxing bedtime routine can make such a big difference to the back to school experience. Having a soothing bath time an hour before bed can really help prepare the body to wind down.  Adding Newton Wood Epsom salt to the bath increases the chances of having a restful, quality sleep thanks to its composition of 100% magnesium sulphate. Having a good night’s sleep can set you up for a great day ahead and a great start to the school year.


  1. Full body relaxation and meditation before bed

For many of us, in our fast-paced technology-driven lives, switching off can be a real struggle.  Set 20 minutes before everyone’s bed time to relax and meditate. Perform a scan of your entire body, limb by limb, section by section, try tensing up and then releasing to bring your body to a relaxed and comfortable state.  The allow yourself to have a short meditation, either guided or in silence, to allow your thoughts to settle and your mind to prepare for slumber.


  1. Meal times and treats

To set a good back to school bed time routine, take a look at meal times and snacks.  Avoiding high caffeine and high energy treats in the afternoon and evening.  Look out for hidden caffeine such as chocolate, tea and fizzy drinks. Allow your food enough time to digest before you go to bed – aim for your last meal to be at least two hours before bed.


  1. Prep for the next morning

To take the stress out of the morning rush, aim to get clothes and uniform laid out the night before – include underwear, socks, tights, hair clips and anything else you wear in this prep.  Set out the table for breakfast the night before and have bags packed and shoes and coats ready by the door.


  1. Consistency is key

The age old saying of ‘start as you mean to go on’ really does come in to play for the ‘back to school’ period.  Plan your time, get organised and most importantly be kind to yourself – build the routine to suit you and your family and before you know it, half term will be here!


We know understand that back to school can be stressful and now more than ever with the unknown ahead, it’s important to put yours and your family’s needs first.  Taking time to relax and mentally and physically prepare is important and we truly believe our Epsom salt crystals area great natural way to do this.  With finances being of concern for many people at the moment we’ve introduced Essential packs which are just £2 for 250g of our luxury crystals, view our full range here.

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