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An interview with 75 year old marathon runner Jane Gibson


14 May 2019

Think you’re too old to get into running, let alone marathoning? Wrong. Witness Jane Gibson, who recently ran the London Marathon in 5 hours, 42 minutes and and 59 seconds (in aid of St.Christopher’s Hospice), shortly followed by the Prague Marathon (6 hours and 15 minutes) this year.  At age 75, Jane has now run 18 marathons in total – a truly incredible achievement. Part of her training regime is to soak in “a hot bath with some lovely Newton Wood Epsom Salts!”

Our very own Aysha will catch up with Jane soon and post a full article with video interview on all aspects of Jane’s marathon running preparation and regime.

I used these epsom salts after taking on the London to Brighton Challenge - walking over 100km in 24 hours. Afterwards my body was aching so much, in particular my feet, legs and hips. I used these salts immediately when I returned home in a bath, and the following day to soak my feet. All I can is it it made the world of difference - I felt so much better and my muscles recovered quicker than they ever have! I'd highly recommend them.