About Newton Wood®

Leslie Wilson, founder & ceo of Newton Wood’s parent company, has been supplying Epsom salt inclusive ingredients to the UK market for over 20 years, and in the US since 2004, solely to customers in the food industry.

Newton Wood® is the world’s first super-premium beauty and wellness brand to be built on the unique therapeutic benefits of Epsom salt. Four centuries after Epsom salt’s remarkable properties were first discovered, Newton Wood® is bringing this proven traditional remedy to a global audience, in response to growing consumer concerns around additives, artificial chemicals, toxins and non-sustainable materials in conventional beauty products. The brand made its global debut at The International Beauty Show in London Excel 24/25 February 2019.

Newton Wood® crystals are made from the highest-grade Epsom salt, using a specially-developed crystallisation technique that gives them their unique diamond-like structure and radiance. A 100% natural, organic and sustainable product, the crystals are free from artificial colours, perfumes, anti-caking agents and and other additives. The telescopic cardboard packaging used by Newton Wood® is designed and made in the UK, from biodegradable materials. Our name comes from an area of Epsom Common in Surrey, England, close to the site of the original salt spring identified in 1618.